Feb 18 '16

Debbie Downer Has Left The Building

Thankfully, Super Bowl advertisers took their happy pills this year.

No more dead kids selling insurance.  No more maudlin spots for brands with daddy issues (I’m talking to you, Dove and Nissan).  This year’s Super Bowls advertisers went back to the basic blocking and tackling of Super Bowl ad success:  humor, animals and celebrities (32 famous people in all – 33 if you count Harvey Keitel).

My favorite? Kia’s “Walken Closet.”  Never has creepy been so entertaining.  Captain Koons from Pulp Fiction as your brand’s spokesperson?  Why not?  He’s wearing a colorful sock on his hand!

I also very much appreciated “Ryanville” from Hyundai.  The marketing insight and strategic underpinning of the meet standards of excellence heretofore… oh my… that Ryan Reynolds is dreamy… what was I saying?  Oh yes, strategic insight… you could swim in those dimples…

Every Super Bowl has a fumble, and to me, Snickers dropped the ball.  Their “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry” campaign is a classic, kicked off by Betty White a few years ago (one of my Top 10 Super Bowl ads of all time) and carried downfield by the Brady Bunch spot last year.  But this year’s Marilyn Monroe spot never made it to the line of scrimmage (that’s five football analogies, if you’re counting).  Willem Defoe in a dress is much creepier than Christopher Walken in a closet.  Yes, it’s a timely commercial — if the time were 1959.


My top prize goes to Jeep.  Their spots were disruptive, powerful and incredibly on brand.  Imagine this: you’re watching the game on your 70” hi-def TV with vivid color and exciting action.  Then a Jeep commercial comes on with black and white still photos – that take up themiddle half of your wide screen TV!  The message:  Jeep is like no other car brand; and Jeep drivers are like no other consumers.  Great taglines, too:  “We don’t make Jeep.   You do.” and “4x4ever.”


And a special shout-out to Lady Gaga.  Awesome national anthem.  Chills.

Go Giants!

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