Jul 05 '18

Don’t Believe All The Hype About Millennials

Job hoppers, tech addicts, spoiled, entitled, and lazy; these are just a few of the negative terms used to describe Generation Y, more commonly known as Millennials. We have all heard the comments, seen the memes and watched them send avocado sales through the roof. However, we shouldn’t be too quick to judge.

What is often forgotten about Millennials is that they graduated college in the crux of one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression. Jason Kirsch, the founder of Grow, believes that, “Millennials face a kind of perfect economic storm I call the ‘millennial disadvantage.’ In addition to the lingering effects of the Great Recession, they’ve inherited a trend of growing inequality that was worsened by that crisis, but predates it.”

Despite being thrust into an unstable job market (to no fault of their own) the Millennial generation has faced this challenge head on.  The truth is, this generation is ambitious, entrepreneurial, not afraid to start companies, and their actions reveals that they rank financial and professional success as a priority. They are known to be tied to their smart phones and have earned their reputations of having short attention spans as they multi task their way through the day.  But have you ever stopped and wondered why this might be?  Could their seemingly disoriented and unfocused approach to adulthood in fact reveal the keys to success in this new age where smart-phones are king? While a Boomer might spend the morning reading the paper at their dining table while enjoying a home cooked breakfast that took 30 minutes to prepare, the Millennial has fired off emails before getting out of bed, grabbed a green smoothie to go, read the Skim, watched a play-by-play of last night’s game on the subway, and connected with family and friends via Snapchat, all before they get into the office at 8 AM.

What is often referred to as lazy can also be seen as maximizing the given technology. They might not be following the traditional path their parents paved, but Millennials are hungry for success.  They are trendsetters, impacting purchasing trends and the way companies market. And they are among the most sought-after audience by marketers. Millennials are changing and challenging the corporate landscape with their start-ups, social media consumption and fast-paced workaholic tendencies. As more and more Millennials step into leadership roles, the landscape will be ever-changing, pushing new corporate norms.

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