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Social Media Tips for 2017

Hey 2016, here’s to yet another year of staying on top of the ever-changing social media landscape! Throughout the year, we saw video content trends including the demise of Vine and the surge of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Periscope, along with aggressive promoted content, dark social and e-commerce picking up pace. Social media advertising is expected to top 11 billion in revenue in 2017. And every major brand is trying to stay ahead of the curve.

2017 is sure to usher in new social media trends. No matter what new things come your way, here are some tried and true ways to help your brand win on social media in 2017.

  1. Listen. If a consumer takes issue with your brand and calls you out on social, are you ready? It’s imperative that you are listening 24/7. Think of your brand as a bulls-eye and the consumer as an Olympian archer, with 100% perfect aim. How is your team going to respond? Are you prepared with the right tone, content management team and solutions to solve issues effectively?
  2. Be quick. What’s the “right” amount of time to respond to praise or criticism on social platforms: within an hour, a day, a week? Hint: the faster the better. Think about your brand’s preparedness to answer consumers on each platform and be honest regarding its efficiency – is it working?
  3. Be creative. We know video is king and is continuing to evolve. From conversational Twitter ads to the surge in popularity of Facebook Live, Snapchat and Instagram Stories, keep video at the forefront when planning. Video content should remain simple, to the point and if possible, under 30 seconds. And visually impactful video doesn’t have to be complicated – think of all those mesmerizing, tightly-shot cooking videos you’ve watched that basically show a pair of hands creating a recipe with fresh ingredients. Videos that showcase a peak behind-the-scenes, special interviews or teasers work well too.
  4. Personalize. In April, Facebook Messenger launched welcome messages and chat bots and now Twitter is stepping up with automated messaging to respond to consumer sentiment quickly and efficiently. These are great tools but be sure to customize your responses to keep up with consumer demand for personalization from big brands. Keep your responses honest, conversational and to-the-point.
  5. Offer something, anything. Consumers demand to be heard and brands need to do their listening. Build affinity with your audience versus a “hard” sell all the time. You can do this by rewarding your most loyal consumers – they are your best brand advocates! A personalized shout-out reply, a reward coupon or discount code perk goes a long way to build brand loyalty.

So, don’t lose site of the simple yet most important things next year when diving head-first into the latest trends in social media folks. And remember, the best social media responses are direct, timely, creative, streamlined and offer a viable solution.

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