Feb 05 '18

Super Bowl 52: The year advertisers got off the soapbox and went back to selling soap.

Last year’s Super Bowl came about two weeks after the swearing in of one of America’s most divisive presidents.  And the spots during the game reflected the angst many were feeling.  There were messages of inclusion, open-mindedness and gender equality.

What a difference a year makes.

While a few spots this year highlighted a brand’s philanthropic efforts or touched the heartstrings, most kept to the Super Bowl Spot Playbook: humor, special effects, music and celebrities.  Because, if you’re spending $5 million for thirty seconds of advertising, you better push a little product.

Here’s who I think did the best job – and worst – of that:

Tide – the clear winner of the evening.

When an advertiser runs only four spots, but you think the other 50 might be a Tide spot when they start, that’s called owning the game.  Brilliant.


I really like this spot, and not just because “Dream On” was my Senior Prom theme.It has just the right mix of music, effects & storytelling to bring out the brand’s promise and truth.


Great use of celebs.  And did Jeff Bezos give us a hint where Amazon’s new HQ will be at the start of the spot?

Doritos/Mountain Dew

Thank you, Doritos, for stopping the “Crash the Super Bowl” stunt and putting your #SuperBowlAd back into the hands of professionals.  Great music, great shooting, great mouthing.


So happy to see Eli Manning in the Super Bowl again – and CRUSHING it!


Some spots were great, many were forgettable, but this one was the worst by a long shot.  Fun fact: M&Ms spent millions of dollars in special effects to ENLARGE Danny DeVito to the size of an M&M.


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