Jan 31 '17 Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl LI TV Spot Preview: A night of virgins, celebrities and bathroom humor.

It’s that time of year again.  When the best of the best compete on a national stage to prove, once and for all, who reigns supreme in their chosen field of endeavor.

I think there’s a football game on Sunday, too.

Ah, yes, the Super Bowl.  The one time of the year when people actually look forward to the commercials — instead of fast forwarding through them.

Over 100 million people will be watching.   About 40 brands will spend $5 million for 30 seconds air time.  Which means about 40 brand managers will be looking for a new job if the spots don’t create buzz and sales.

Virgins: There are six brands making their first Super Bowl appearance this year: Top Games USA, 84 Lumber, Bai Brands, Mr. Clean, Febreze and GNC.  84 Lumber is going all in – spending $15 million on their 90-second spot.  In 2015, they spent less than $800,000 all year!

Celebrities:  When in doubt, put a star in the commercial.  Preferably a star with a huge social media following who’s been tweeting about the experience for months.  Watch for Adam Driver, Justin Timberlake, and for anyone who grew up in the 60’s and still has the brain cells to remember, Peter Fonda.

Bathroom humor:  I’m not just talking crude humor (of which there will to be plenty).  I’m talking a TV spot for Febreze deodorizer that shows people doing what comes naturally during halftime.  I’m all for truth in advertising, but do we really need to see this?

My prediction?  Pats by six and Mr. Clean by a hair.

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