Feb 06 '17

Through the Uprights or Wide Left? Super Bowl Ads Get Political.

One shouldn’t be surprised that at a time when the President of the United States continues to talk about the votes he did (or didn’t) get three months ago, political advertising has continued as well.  But the difference is, the latest spots aired when people were actually paying attention:

During the Super Bowl.

There were spots about all the hot-button issues:  Immigration (Budweiser and 84 Lumber)…

Gender equity (Audi). ..

Tolerance and acceptance (Airbnb)…

At least Kia’s spot about protecting the environment was funny, with Melissa McCarthy imitating Wile E. Coyote.

Beer and snacks were replaced by tolerance and diversity.  Below-the-belt jokes were replaced by high-minded messages.

OK, there was some bathroom humor.  But, hey, it was for a bathroom product.

In general, I thought the spots were OK.  The only potential Super Bowl classic (for 84 Lumber) never ran because FOX (gutlessly) deemed the original ending too “controversial.”  The full spot ran online and is worth watching.

Of course, I don’t imagine any spot could have matched the drama and excitement of the game itself.   It was an amazing comeback by a bunch of Patriots.

Which is how politics started in this country in the first place.

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