The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s been a while since my wife and I concerned ourselves with back to school shopping for our kids, but I’m still noticing (and enjoying) a lot of the Back To School TV spots on the air. They are starting later this year. In fact, in 2014, some spots started to air as early as June 21– when kids were still in school. Talk about adding insult to injury! And this year, 60% are in shorter, :15 formats; long form is being saved for the web. Only 20% of the spots were :15 in 2013. Creatively, many are focusing on not the BMOCs, but the ATOs (Awkward Teenage Outsiders). And as a former ATO, I can relate.

I didn’t play the tuba, but being editor of the school newspaper was just as low on the cool-o-meter.

I really love the new Old Navy spots, with Julia Louis Dreyfus. She’s great, and I can really feel for that kid trying to fit in. (My goodness, do I need therapy?)

But my favorite BTS spot of all time (and one of my favorite spots ever!) is Staple’s “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” circa 2007. My kids were 12 and 8 at the time, and boy could I relate.

It’s nice to observe the BTS frenzy from afar, but some of the great TV spots make me long for those days again. Yeah, right.

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