A destination of innovation & collaboration, and the perfect hub to serve our dynamic and growing regional and national clients.

Welcome to Cronin Boston, opening a new era of choice for digital and traditional marketing.

Brands have many choices for marketing agencies in New England but very few are truly full service. Cronin is one of the few and we invite you to learn more.

Over the years, 73 in fact, we’ve done a lot of innovative work in greater Boston; now we have a home. We even recruited Rick McKenna to run the show – a Boston College and Boston University grad. We’re known for what this city is known for:  collaboration, innovation, attitude, energy – and just getting the great work done!

“I’m excited to bring another “big agency” to Boston. Clients are demanding new choices and fresh thinking.”

Rick McKenna, SVP Cronin Boston

Rick McKenna SVP, Cronin Boston

To learn more about Cronin Boston or to have a talking partner about a business problem, contact Rick McKenna at 617-802-4660 or email


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