A Cronin Guidebook:

How Collaborative Wireframing Can Improve Your Next Digital Project

A Cronin Guidebook

If you’ve been a part of any successful digital project, then you know that wireframes are important. Wireframes give structure to content and functionality. They also unite everyone – both agency and client – around a shared vision at an early and critical stage of a project.

But the truth is, most agencies operate at a distance from most clients – physically, mentally and emotionally. So, typically, wireframe creation requires iterative work and rounds of feedback that, frankly, takes up a lot of time.

Co-creation is a way to get there faster. You’ll work together with your external partner or in-house agency to create wireframes using simple tools, like Sharpies and paper. You’ll share opinions and hear valuable perspectives that might not otherwise surface during the UX stages of a project. Cronin’s free Collaborative Wireframing Guidebook covers topics like:

  • When to hold a co-creation exercise
  • Who to invite
  • How to facilitate the exercise
  • How to gather insights and encourage conversation
  • What to do next

At Cronin, we’ve used co-creation to identify compelling ideas that drive our creative concepts. Download our free guidebook and discover a new way to approach your next digital project.

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