Connecticut is home to some iconic brands doing powerful work in user and customer experience. On CTX Podcast, Katie Lukas showcases some of the local leaders in UX and CX who are forging strong customer-focused experiences in a variety of industries.

We discuss these companies’ investments in becoming customer-centric, current initiatives, and what it’s like doing this work in Connecticut, touching on human-centered design, design thinking, and the human need for unconditional love.

Upcoming episodes include practioners from the CT UXPA, LEGO, Travelers, UConn Health, Nassau Re, and Infosys.

Current Episode

Cindi Bigelow

Happy Hot Tea Month!
Cindi Bigelow, President & CEO, is the powerhouse behind Bigelow Tea — listen as we discuss why relentless focus on making everyday moments exceptional, constant vigilance and attention to trends and conversations, and a sincere willingness to listen to the customer have created an amazing brand that customers truly love.  (January 2019)

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