CT UX/CX Podcast Series Launches

We sat down with Katie Lukas, Cronin’s Director of Experience Strategy, to discuss the upcoming launch of a new podcast series focusing on user and customer experience.


What are user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX)?

User experience is the practice of defining a digital design problem for a specific app or website and then researching, testing, and refining solutions for that problem.

Customer experience is much broader and really looks at the whole experience and how a customer is engaging with a brand at all touchpoints including retail, web, mobile, customer service, marketing, etc.


Do UX and CX need to work together or do they work independently of each other?

The disciplines are separate but UX is essentially of a subset of CX. UX tends to be digitally focused while CX is the larger customer end-to-end journey. UX in an organization often comes before CX – but not always. Organizations are more likely to have UX teams dedicated to a specific project or product (i.e, a website) but many have no CX team or leadership.

A CX leader in an organization doesn’t have to have a CX title, though that certainly does help to cement the importance of CX. But having no one responsible for owning and examining the customer experience means you are sacrificing several critical things that could significantly impact your business:

  • The incredibly valuable feedback loop between the customer and the product and marketing teams
  • Ongoing insights into how the organization is doing, especially as compared to the competition
  • Major opportunities to gain market share and correct problems
  • An avenue to innovation that cannot be otherwise sourced
  • The mitigation of risk of failure that comes with true customer understanding and centricity


Why is it so important for marketers to understand these two experiences?

The short answer is that if we as marketers don’t take the time to understand both experiences then whatever the end deliverable is – a website, an app, a product, a service – will ultimately fail. The idea of CX and UX is risk and failure mitigation. Identifying and understanding the problem upfront will lead to the development of a deliverable that can succeed.


Can you share a little bit of what is being done in Connecticut to help marketers understand the importance of UX and CX?

Here in Connecticut we have a local chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA CT) which supports professionals who research, design and evaluate the user experience of products and services.

There is also the Customer Experience Professionals Association, although there is no local Connecticut chapter – there is local leadership.

At Cronin we’ve been engaging deeply with a number of our clients to advance both UX and CX practices. This includes on the UX side: the development of design systems; pioneering co-creation and design thinking approaches; thoroughly considering, prototyping, and testing our own internal UX practices; and instituting robust research phases leading to stronger products. On the CX side: embedding deeply with clients to evaluate current processes and technologies; doing fieldwork and organizational research (qualitative and quantitative) to identify opportunities and challenges; producing substantial documentation in the form of journey maps, process diagrams, technology blueprints, gap analyses, and taxonomies; and leading collaborative teams to generate a deeper understanding of the customer base throughout the entire customer experience and across all touchpoints.


Why is Cronin launching this podcast series?

First, Connecticut is home to some iconic brands doing powerful work in user and customer experience – and we’re a small state that can be overlooked in favor of our urban cousins. The podcast is a chance to showcase some of the local leaders in UX and CX who are forging strong customer-focused experiences in a variety of industries, especially as Connecticut, and Hartford in particular, are undergoing an economic renaissance.

The second reason is that Cronin feels it’s important for us to be a strong local voice in the business community, supporting and engaging with the kind of leaders that are moving this state forward. This is the kind of thinking and conversation that we as a company want to create and participate in.


What can we expect from the series?

These will be monthly podcasts that feature a representative from an iconic Connecticut brand or a brand that is launching an important new local initiative, as in the case of Infosys. The interviews, which are approximately 20 – 25 minutes in length, will take a deep dive focusing on CX and UX in conversations with Connecticut leaders in the space.

Our first podcast will feature Eileen Redmond, president of the CT UXPA and will go live the week of September 24. Upcoming episodes include practitioners from LEGO, Travelers, Cigna, UCONN Health, Nassau Re and Infosys.


The CTX Podcast is hosted by Katie Lukas. To listen, click here.