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  • Cronin’s 2020 Vision: Tech that Senses

    I remember as a kid being fascinated by the entryway into my local pharmacy. The minute you’d step close, the doors would open. Walk in, the doors would close. Hurried adults would rush through those doors, but as a kid, it all seemed like magic. I’d frequently wave a sneakered toe close, or inch further away to test the limits of the magic door. How did this inanimate object see me? How did it sense I was there? Technology’s grown up a lot in the last few years and in 2020 it’s set to change the future of marketing.

  • Cronin’s 2020 Vision: Tech that Does

    Have you considered how much you do today with the aid of technology? What about the items you grew up with that your children may have never actually seen – a coffee-stained and wrinkled roadmap, a checkbook register, the TV set in the family room with access to only 10 stations (and that’s if you had cable)? Technology has changed nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives. We use GPS to get us to our destination and wearables to let us know how many steps we’ve taken in the day. We manage our checkbook, pay our bills, and control our home security system with mobile apps. We order paper towels and diapers with the Amazon Dash Button. Technology has simplified daily tasks and given us access to an ever-growing number of options. And as amazing as all of these advancements are, there’s so much in store for us as we approach 2020.

  • Cronin’s 2020 Vision: Tech that Sees

    Welcome to the year 2020.

    Imagine McDonald’s has invited you and the rest of the world to join them on July 24th at the summer Olympics in Tokyo. You purchase a Big Mac from the golden arches and plop down on your hover-couch to join Mickey D’s half way around the world. And we don’t just mean watch on TV — we mean sit right down next to Bono, Jimmy Fallon and the Hamburglar.

  • Cronin’s 2020 Vision: Introduction

    How technology will impact the future of marketing. You’re in your car on your way to work. It’s rush hour. You have a coffee in one hand and your phone in another. But that’s OK—because you’re not driving. Your car is. You check your phone and see you have an alert from your refrigerator, saying […]