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  • 3 Things The Creative Industry Can Learn From The Jinx

    “The Jinx,” HBO’s documentary on suspected murderer and millionaire heir Robert Durst, was riveting television at its best. It had all the ingredients of good television – a capable filmmaker and storyteller in Andrew Jarecki, a quirky and engaging character in Bob Durst and a classic whodunit story not seen since the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. Jarecki’s come under fire since the jaw-dropping finale for what some say was the manipulation of time and when some events actually occurred in the timeline. That aside, Jarecki’s film was a master class in story telling and execution. So, what can we in the creative industry learn from Jarecki and “The Jinx?

  • Watch and Download Movie Rings (2017)

    One of our core tenants in shaping media plans is the fact that personalization, choice and portability are keys to success in today’s complex and ever-changing media environment. Portability, aka Mobile, is in the forefront lately as evidenced by feedback of team members who recently attended the SXSW conference. In a nutshell, the resounding theme at SXSW was that it’s a Mobile First world.