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  • Target Practice: Facebook Advertising Mishap is Nothing New in Era of Digital Advertising

    At the end of March, Facebook took a hit with the reveal that Cambridge Analytica illegally acquired Facebook data to use in its advertising efforts for the Trump campaign. Since its creation, Facebook has been no stranger to continuous controversial flare-ups. The most recent development exposing the ease of data retrieval and release has left consumers and some advertisers nervous to use the platform. Looking at the big picture, Facebook’s targeting capabilities are too good for advertisers to pass up and we won’t be turning our back on Facebook anytime soon.

  • Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: The Battle Rages On

    August 2016 brought us the release of Instagram Stories. In the year that has followed, the battle between Snapchat and Instagram has raged on for the top social media platform for Millennials and Gen Z-ers. On June 20, 2017, CNBC reported that Instagram Stories had reached 250 million daily users, officially surpassing Snapchat’s 166 million. For advertisers, the conflict of where to invest time and money continues to flourish.