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  • Super Bowl 52 Top TV Spots with Steve Wolfberg on FOX-61

    Steve Wolfberg chatted with FOX-61 News Anchor Amanda Raus about this year’s Super Bowl TV commercials. Which brands scored big? Which ones fumbled? Check out the segment here!

  • Super Bowl 52: The year advertisers got off the soapbox and went back to selling soap.

    Last year’s Super Bowl came about two weeks after the swearing in of one of America’s most divisive presidents.  And the spots during the game reflected the angst many were feeling.  There were messages of inclusion, open-mindedness and gender equality.

  • Debbie Downer Has Left The Building

    Thankfully, Super Bowl advertisers took their happy pills this year. No more dead kids selling insurance. No more maudlin spots for brands with daddy issues (I’m talking to you, Dove and Nissan). This year’s Super Bowls advertisers went back to the basic blocking and tackling of Super Bowl ad success: humor, animals and celebrities (32 famous people in all – 33 if you count Harvey Keitel).