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  • Yes, Virginia, There is a Fold

    Implications of user focus on the top of a home page

  • CT UX/CX Podcast Series Launches

    The short answer is that if we as marketers don’t take the time to understand both experiences then whatever the end deliverable is – a website, an app, a product, a service – will ultimately fail.

  • User Personas versus Marketing Personas

    There are always rumblings in both the User Experience community and the marketing world about whether or not personas “work.” That’s a bit like asking if a hammer “works.” It works if you need a hammer. It’s a lot less effective if you need a scalpel.

  • What feeling does your user experience evoke?

    User experience (UX) design is a discipline that’s misunderstood by many. It’s not to be confused with user visual design (how the pages look visually) or information architecture (the organization of content).