The Team

Mike Lanzi

New Business Consigliere & Minister of Hello

Mike holds the distinction of having been to every Lincoln-Mercury dealership in upstate New York and the tri-state area. From this humble beginning at Y&R Detroit, a career in advertising was born.  He continues to love the agency business after all these years, despite seeing much disruption and change, believing it remains the one place where unbridled creativity can solve tough business problems for clients.

As the son of an immigrant Italian ironworker, Mike appreciates craft and artisanship, and brings that deep respect to the various agency practitioners who conceive, produce, deliver, distribute, orchestrate and measure all the great creative work that makes for magical brand experiences.

Mike’s worked at some great agencies and is especially proud of… his marketing operations work for Bank of America, first at Interpublic, then at Omnicom; sparking cultural movements at StrawberryFrog; leading The Hershey Company’s relationship with Arnold Worldwide / Havas; wielding cultural intelligence at sparks & honey.  Mike’s return to agency life comes after a series of interesting consulting stints (at Flock Associates, KPMG & BrandActive).

Born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island (yes, the Ferry, but, alas, no Ferris wheel as was promised), Mike is a husband & father / stepfather of four, and brings his passion for making things to home renovation, cooking the southern Italian foods of his childhood, and playing piano in pursuit of garage-band greatness.  As a student of jazz (which is truly humbling) and a lover of stand-up comedy, Mike believes, when in client meetings, one should tell a captivating story like a comedian and be able to improvise mindfully in an ensemble setting.