Amica Mutual


THE TRUTH IS, Amica Insurance isn’t for everyone.

While consumer behavior is often rate-driven, rates are only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to choosing an insurer.  Research revealed that Amica’s target audience puts a lot of thought and research into anything they purchase — particularly something as important as insurance.  And when people put that effort into the decision, they are very likely to choose Amica, because Amica delivers “extreme helpfulness” at every interaction. This truth that led to our new campaign themeline, Helpfulness Insured, which is the foundation of TV, radio and digital executions that appear nationally.

TRUTH WINS:Most recently with an annual spend increase of 19%, we were able to generate 39% more calls, 50% more quotes, 7% more leads and 4% more impressions. Most importantly, we drove down the overall cost per lead by 14%.



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