Soapbox makes soaps, sanitizers, shampoos and other personal care products, with carefully chosen ingredients that feel great on your hands, hair and body. (We know, we tried them!) And they do your heart good, too, because when you purchase any Soapbox product, they donate a bar of soap to people in need around the world. The simple gift of soap can make an amazing difference, bringing health, hygiene, dignity and hope.

So we were thrilled to work on this growing company’s first significant digital ad campaign, to fuel in-store sales and raise brand awareness. We created a series of online videos, social media posts and streaming radio. Consumers were directed to a simple and elegant landing page to make their purchase. The upbeat, energetic videos were shot and edited by Cronin’s production company, Off Leash Studios.

In a crowded market space, we found a way to carefully target women who were most receptive to our feel-good message, based on their interests and behaviors, on their favorite digital channels. The campaign was also geo-targeted, serving up our messages to women within 15 miles of retail stores that carry Soapbox products, such as Wegmans and Rite-Aids.   And because the campaign was set up for testing and learning, we also gathered insights to inform our future decision-making through variations in our call-to-action buttons and landing pages. 

Just two weeks into the campaign, based on traffic to the Soapbox site, we doubled their brand’s exposure.  We’re happy to make our contribution to a company that gives so much to the world.

"You'll Love the Feeling" Online Video
"Gentle Does Not Mean Weak" 6-Second Video Bumper
Campaign Landing Page
Spotify Banner Ad & Audio Spot
Facebook Carousel Ad
“Feels Good To Give Back” 6-Second Vertical Video Bumper