The Croninites Credo

At our agency, we value Integrity and strive to do the right thing, always. We embrace Curiosity. Doing the right thing isn’t hard when you look deeper and ask “why?” Find what’s different. It’s how we learn and create. Creativity is woven into our cloth. Built into everything we do. Let’s meet on the road less traveled.

We’re Connected. We don’t just talk. We listen. To each other. To our clients. To our community. We enjoy cultivating meaningful relationships. We’re Balanced and encourage you to value yourself. Take a step back. Breathe. We’re Unique. True to ourselves. We’re unafraid to graze new pastures, to remain unconventional.

We’re Genuine. More than just an agency. It’s true. Our efforts are authentic, infused with unapologetic excitement. Through Accountability we own our outcomes and demonstrate reliability to each other. We hold ourselves to a high standard. Our Empathetic nature is fueled by the power of perspectives. And we want them all. We’re Tenacious. Our spirit sets us apart. Our momentum comes from the hunger to do better, to go bigger. It’s why we’ve been doing this for 75 years.


The Team

Sean Folan

COO & Health Leader

Sean was on hand to see Kirk Gibson’s iconic pinch-hit, walk-off home run for the Los Angeles Dodgers in game 1 of the 1988 World Series, one of the most pivotal moments in modern sports. Today, Sean is almost always on hand to help clients find pivotal moments and connections that promote brand growth.​

As the key executive overseeing Cronin’s day-to-day business operations, Sean plays a vital role in ensuring successful long-term client relationships fueled by smooth intra-agency operations. He loves rolling up his sleeves to help build integrated, omni-channel marketing campaigns that leverage his deep functional expertise and broad industry experience, including branding, growth strategy, market research, and product management across healthcare, consumer products, financial services, hospitality, business services, and aerospace.

Sean is currently involved in a number of community organizations that serve those in need, including the Harvard Business School Community Partners and the Knights of Columbus. In his spare time, Sean enjoys the outdoors: walking, hiking, swimming, biking. And his love of new places and cultures has led him to visit over 20 countries.​

While attending the University of Virginia, Sean served as chairperson of the school’s vaunted Honor System. We weren’t sure exactly where to put this in his bio but felt it was impressive!

Elizabeth Proctor

Head of Account Service

On any given Saturday in the fall, you can probably find Cronin’s Head of Account Service, cheering wildly as she watches her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide on the football field. The only weird thing about this is that Elizabeth actually attended the University of Georgia. When Elizabeth isn’t busy betraying her school by rooting for its arch-rival, she’s usually helping to build blue-chip brands at Cronin like she has for ATT, Bank of America, Capital One and Toyota at various agencies over the past 20 years. Elizabeth believes her true calling is connecting brands with culture. Over her career, she’s been part of impressive sponsorship opportunities with American Idol, MLB, PGA and the US Open. All we can say is “Roll Tide.”

Mark "MJ" Jacobson

Head of Strategy & Planning

MJ discovered his love of developing creative strategy as an executive in Hollywood where he was a catalyst for THE NOTEBOOK, THE WEDDING PLANNER, and the classic sitcom, THE NANNY. He was in the South Park offices brainstorming about music when Matt Stone and Trey Parker birthed the idea to produce BOOK OF MORMON! He joins Cronin after almost a decade in the WPP network where he worked on brands such as Ford, Aston Martin, The Lincoln Motor Company, and Narcan, as well as many CPG brands. MJ is a devoted culture-hound and you will likely find him at the theatre, museums, gallery openings, and other exciting events where culture happens.

AnnMarie Kemp

Head of Communications

As a diehard Yankees fan married to a diehard Red Sox fan, AnnMarie knows a thing or two about overcoming challenges. As Cronin’s Head of Communications, AnnMarie has made a career of meeting PR challenges head on, including spearheading the McDonald’s business for 17 years. She has also overseen a host of other iconic brands, like Dunkin’, Loctite, Xerox, and Konica Minolta. AnnMarie has built a formidable team at Cronin that continues to push the limits of what’s possible in public relations, social media and content marketing. Just like her Yankees, AnnMarie keeps swinging for the fences all season long.

Ann Robertson

Executive Creative Director

After abandoning her dream of becoming a chanteuse in a smoky piano bar, Ann rechanneled her creative energy into entertaining audiences with her love of advertising. She started her career writing for Kraft Foods and has been humming along ever since on clients such as Mercedes-Benz, McAfee and Serena Williams Jewelry. Bilingual and born of Cuban immigrants, Ann’s work for the Spanish market has made her grandmother proud, as did her graduation from Boston College and Miami Ad School.

Lester Ayala

Head of Production

As an all-time top ten scorer in Quinnipiac University’s basketball program, Lester knew what it took to light up a scoreboard. As Head of Production, Lester knows what it takes to light up an entire room. That’s because when it comes to digital and broadcast production, Lester is just an all-out baller. From collaborating with renowned directors like Bennet Miller and Wally Pfister to shepherding work strong enough to be recognized by Shoot Magazine, AICP and Cannes, Lester is still at the top of his game.  A team leader who firmly believes that an idea is only as good as its execution, Lester always comes through in the clutch.

Tracy Klimkoski

Head of Media & Analytics

In her personal life, Tracy subscribes to JOMO or the Joy of Missing Out.  Which loosely translated means she’d rather spend a cozy evening at home with her English Bulldog than almost anything else in the world. At Cronin, our Head of Media & Analytics doesn’t miss out on doing whatever it takes to put our clients in their best possible scenarios for success every chance she gets. Tracy always likes to visualize herself in her client’s position and imagine what she’d do with their media dollars.

Katharine Laban

People & Culture Leader

When the great Katharine Hepburn offered a shivering Coast Guardsmen a cup of tea, it impressed him. So much in fact, that he named his first-born daughter after her. And that’s how the woman we call the world’s best People & Culture Leader got her name.  Over the years, Katharine has built Cronin’s HR department from the ground up, bringing in the diverse group of free-thinkers and initiating the programs that make our agency such a fun place to work. When Katharine’s not fostering the perfect creative environment at Cronin, she’s quite the foodie and enjoys cooking and eating cuisine from around the world. Katharine likes to say that “kindness always wins.”  Have a cup of tea with her sometime, and you’ll see what she means.

Mark Demuro

Chairman & CEO

Mark is entering his 5th year at Cronin, coaching a highly experienced team to build exceptional brands, deliver unbridled creativity, and drive sustainable demand for clients. A graduate of University of Pennsylvania, Mark has previously served as a client-side CMO, a global leader for a top 15 research company, and board member and advisor for several U.S. manufacturing companies. Mark owns a small farm (where Birch lives) and is the proud father of two daughters, both in medicine. He is an avid reader and thought leader with interests spanning health & wellness, financial literacy, technology, energy sustainability, manufacturing, and community development. Mark knows how to inspire businesses and people to achieve more – that’s why the Cronin team loves playing for him.


Chief Motivating Officer

Mark owns a nearby farm with, at last count, 5 goats on it. One of them is Birch. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth; it was actually a tin can. Birch was brought in to Cronin to remind us that we’re all goats, not sheep. And to inspire us to be more agile, curious, independent and adventurous. Birch is truly the G.O.A.T. and we’re darn lucky to have her.

Janika Morales

Chief Hospitality Officer

Our Chief Hospitality Officer Janika Morales majored in criminal justice in college. Which might explain why we’re all guilty of believing she’s such a difference-maker at Cronin. As the first voice anyone who contacts our agency hears and one of our leading workplace problem solvers, Janika has an uncanny knack for making things happen around here. When she isn’t at work you can find her cheering for her beloved Yankees, being supermom to three girls (including identical twins) or binge-watching her favorite reality TV shows. Say hello next time you visit or call.

Jeannine Bradley


Owen Sindorf

Junior Editor

Owen, a dedicated fan of the outdoors, finds joy in hiking, biking, and kayaking. If it wasn't for the lack of snow days in Connecticut, he might just be the next Shaun White; however, he still manages to get out there and snowboard. His career in advertising began as a production assistant in the bustling streets of NYC for large-scale productions. Owen cherishes those early mornings, driving into the city before dawn breaks when the streets are empty. A graduate of Quinnipiac University, Owen completed a BA in Film, Television, and Media Studies, fueling his passion for storytelling and visual communication.

Mia Pasquariello

Account Coordinator, Communications

Mia brings a dynamic blend of creativity and analytical skills to our Communications team. Her passion for advertising sparked in second grade after watching a documentary on ad campaigns. While her classmates were disgusted by the behind-the-scenes trick of using glue as a substitute for milk in a cereal commercial, Mia was captivated. This early fascination led her to pursue a communications career, where she excels at blending strategic brand storytelling with creative flair across social media and events. Outside of work, Mia enjoys crocheting, painting, and cheering on the Bruins.

Laura Cirillo

AVP, Media & Analytics

Laura can often be found drinking espresso (as if coffee beans are on the brink of extinction) while she applies her broad experience and sharp strategic thinking to every media challenge that our clients face. A natural born problem solver, she is primed to help her team navigate the complexities of today’s media landscape. When she’s not engrossed in the world of advertising or riding the wake of her kids' boundless energy, she enjoys the contemplative effort and ease of yoga. Something has to calm her down after all that espresso.

Jeff Stoner

Director, Acquisition Marketing & Production

Jeff has over 20 years of experience in print production, handling estimates and budgets, vendor relations, file preparation, proofing, and quality control. He has produced award-winning projects in collateral, direct mail, data processing, out-of-home, print, point-of-purchase, and display exhibits. Jeff has managed production for clients like Amica Insurance, Dartmouth Health, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Fred Hutch Cancer Center, Wheeler Community Healthcare, Humana, Travelers Insurance, and Withings.

Something not everybody knows about Jeff is that he once performed improv on stage with Wayne Brady. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors on the trails and loves watching shows older than him.

Kathryn O'Donnell

Senior Media Strategist

Margot Belyea

Associate Creative Director

Pat Lefebvre

Director, IT

Maria Ciriello

AVP, Account Service

For 25 years, Maria has partnered with some of today's largest global brands across a wide range of verticals – CPG, healthcare, food service, retail, higher education, financial services, and entertainment. Brands include PepsiCo, Hershey, and Subway. She is skilled at building strategically-sound, engaging content and fully-integrated marketing campaigns that illuminate a brand story and deliver results. Having spent over half her career working for agencies, both large and small, Maria is at ease building superior client partnerships. She has also held senior client roles. Having seen both agency and client life provides Maria with a unique perspective that allows her to deliver a seamless, collaborative end-to-end client experience.

Suzanne Carbonella

Account Director

In 5th grade, Suzanne won a school advertising award for her hand-drawn ad promoting the Hartford Whalers versus the Detroit Red Wings, leading to her first published ad (in the newspaper!). By 6th grade, she had subscriptions to Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart Living, and Vogue, and began clipping and organizing her favorite ads into color-coded binders. The fact that a magical combination of words and images could influence behavior piqued her interest. She’s since ditched the binders but still brings that familiar childhood magic into her work as an Account Director. 

Jodi Ciarleglio

Senior Content Producer

Jodi brings over 20 years of experience in advertising, print production, publishing, and video production to the table. She has a knack for prioritizing multiple projects across cross-functional teams, ensuring demands are met while maintaining peak efficiency. Known as a jack-of-all-trades and a natural troubleshooter, Jodi consistently delivers creative, successful solutions for any production challenge. As Senior Content Producer with Bonfire, she expertly keeps work on track and on budget, managing logistics for shoots from start to finish in online video, TV, and photography. When she's not masterminding production, Jodi loves spending time outdoors with her husband and their trail-loving dog, who insists on being the leader of the pack on every hike.

Pat Kiniry

Associate Creative Director

Kara Bushey

Account Director

In college, Kara played Division One soccer at Quinnipiac, where she earned the nickname, “The Enforcer.” We’ve yet to come up with one as endearing for her at Cronin, but we’re working on it.

Kara always wanted to work in a field where creativity is at the forefront. She loves to be a part of the magic where a simple idea becomes a compelling campaign, with each person on a team contributing in their own unique way. In the past, she’s worked on campaigns for Starbucks, PepsiCo, and more. 

But her creative side doesn’t stop at work — she runs a flower truck on the weekends and loves a good coloring book (what better way to unwind?). 

Michelle Swetzes

Performance Analytics Manager

When Michelle was young, she took up ice skating and even got a few lessons from an Olympic gold medalist. While she’s no longer carving up the rink on the regular, if there was an Olympic sport for meticulous attention to detail, she’d be taking gold. 

In college, sociology and psychology piqued her interest — and Michelle realized she could apply those subject to marketing. One of her professors steered her toward Cronin, and we’re still trying to think of ways to thank them. Ever since she started as an intern and through her full-time career, Michelle has honed her affinity for analytics and curiosity in the things that motivate people. On Saturdays you’ll either find her deep in the woods, with a book in hand, binging a sitcom, or maybe all three.

Jonathan Abel

Senior Art Director

Laurie Pasteryak

Project Leader, Agency Operations

Laurie is a positive, energetic soul who believes rainbow sprinkles deserve their own food group. With her incredibly warm spirit, she is a beloved friend around the agency. Her extensive history in museum curation and education inspired her to pivot to project leadership, where she uses her experience to create and implement human-informed organizational systems.

A creative at heart, Laurie enjoys throwing pottery, sketching, painting, and photography, with her work earning honorable mentions from the Audubon Society. Despite her love for nature, she jokes that bird-watching will have to wait until she’s well into her 40s. Constantly embracing change, Laurie finds joy in new experiences, travel, and a strong cup of coffee.

Natalie Vargas

Media Coordinator

Jeff Mullaly

Fractional CFO

In his twenties, Jeff had the job every twenty-something wants: riding a snowmobile to work every day. That’s still his preferred mode of transportation, but his career has taken him down a bit of a different path. A UConn grad, Jeff has been with Cronin since 1997, with a brief hiatus for retirement. Jeff has touched a variety of departments during his career including accounting, HR, IT, legal, contract review, compliance, and more. 

When he’s not crunching numbers or making people laugh, you might find Jeff watching a Huskies basketball game on TV or from the sidelines, enjoying his twist on a PB&J (PB & fruit with pears, strawberries, peaches, orange slices, or another fruit), or spending time outdoors. 

Helen Chung

Technical Director, Digital & PM

Helen loves all things orderly and organized, so she’s a natural in the world of digital and project management. Her years of collaboration with UX and development teams and diverse clients have solidified her reputation as a meticulous strategist and a master of organized execution. She thrives on transforming chaos into order and orchestrating seamless project workflows. This commitment to tidy organization extends beyond the digital realm. Case in point: a wine collection that’s organized by region and vintage, with an accompanying excel sheet featuring tasting notes and scores.

Kate Anderson

Senior Account Supervisor, Communications

Kate brings expertise in media relations, influencer marketing, experiential marketing, and social media. She oversees public relations for Dunkin’ and Modern Woodmen and has worked with clients across various industries, from finance to healthcare and everything in between.

Before joining Cronin, Kate handled publicity and promotions for Universal Pictures' feature films along the East Coast for seven years, including work on the first three Fast and Furious films. At home, Kate's jam is "The Sound of Silence," although, with a teenager and pre-teen twins, that is a rare treat.

Liz Beit

Account Coordinator

For Liz, it all goes back to that one advertising class in college that hooked her right off the bat. Hungry and inspired, she got an internship with Cronin exploring the worlds of account service and strategy. She’s since been full-time and enjoys working behind-the-scenes to create boundary-pushing work. 

After hours, she loves tapping into her artistic side, with a particular love for graphite and acrylic paint. She’s mostly self-taught, but also took two years of AP studio art in high school (ok, Picasso!). And if you walk by her desk, expect a lineup of sips — she has a thing for drinking multiple (non-alcoholic) beverages at once. She says it’s how she does her best work.

Christine O'Halloran

Associate Director, Media

Christine is a seasoned media professional with over 15 years of experience orchestrating campaigns from start to finish across varied industries. Her knack for tailoring strategies ensures they strike a chord with every target audience, spanning financial services, healthcare, government, and consumer goods.

But Christine isn't all about business—she's also a talented hula hooper. Off the clock, you'll find her soaking up the sun at the beach, attending concerts, playing tennis, and cherishing moments with her husband and their lively toddler.

Laura Kerns

Senior Account Director

Oliver Toal

Senior Media Strategist

Olivia Macdonald

Senior Copywriter

Tara Linton

Senior Director, Communications

Ron Szymanski

Data Science & Analytics Leader

Ron is a highly skilled digital team leader and an optimistic problem solver who is inspired by how data and technology are converging to push our industry forward. With global experience in e-commerce, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, web development, customer relationship management, email marketing, and digital analytics, Ron is a guy you want working on and thinking about your business. Clients and colleagues value Ron's partnership for what he knows and how he mentors teams, works collaboratively to develop data-driven strategies, and ensures the agency's work is aligned with real business objectives.

Kim DeMartino

Account Director

Peter Feldman

Senior Director

Peter is an experienced producer of web content and television commercials who has worked at numerous advertising agencies including: FCB, Droga 5, BBDO, TBWA Chiat/Day, Fallon and now working his production magic here at Cronin. With experience working at production companies, and a detailed knowledge of music, film, and contemporary culture, Peter is an exceptionally well rounded producer.

Kerry Meehan

Account Supervisor, Communications

Cassandra McDaniel

Senior Accountant

Cassandra's curiosity is apparent in everything she does. She loves to get lost in a good puzzle, and there's plenty of that in the world of finance. Originally going to school for nursing, Cassandra has been in the finance field for over a decade. She's held a variety of positions at her past companies, from account management to Director of HR and Finance. 

Cassandra's off-duty obsession is finding hidden gems in unexpected places. Whether she's foraging for mushrooms, visiting historic cemeteries, or stumbling upon a new ramen restaurant, exploring is in her DNA. 

Mat Greenfeld

Senior Shooter/Editor

Mathew may seem like a natural in front of the camera due to his brightly extroverted personality, but his true passion lies behind it. His fascination with filming began at age six when his dad let him use a JVC VHS camcorder. Since then, Mat has been dedicated to capturing moments, even taking to the skies as a certified drone pilot. A travel enthusiast, he loves making memories both through the lens and in real life. When not filming, Mat enjoys settling disputes on the tennis court.

Molly Thompson

Senior Manager, Media and Analytics

Jarret Waldstein

Senior Media Strategist

Jarret shines with over 8 years of cross-channel media expertise and a “continuous learning vibe.” He serves as the lead strategist for digital media efforts across a variety of key accounts. He has used his degree in English to turn search engine marketing master, but analytical skills and dedication have made him a key player when developing integrated strategies for client success. Jarret is a pivotal asset on several accounts, promising (and delivering) excellence in detail, and remarkable outcomes.

Tracy DeMars

Proposal Specialist

Adding to the culture of creativity at Cronin, even our Operations department has some art cred. Tracy, our Proposal Specialist, attended the University of Hartford-Art School and has been bringing her creative skills and design eye to our documents, proposals, and presentations for more than 25 years. Growing up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, she can’t claim royalty but proudly considers herself the Queen of making impossible deadlines. 

You can catch her off hours at a slower pace, painting pottery, devouring movies, or plotting the future of her realm.

Josh Gold

Senior Copywriter

Hayley McDermott

Account Coordinator

When Hayley was 10 years-old, she played the Wicked Witch of the West in her school play, “The Wizard of Oz,” and became obsessed with theatre. By 22 years-old, she had performed in over 20 musicals and plays. She earned her undergraduate degree in Theatre Arts with the intent to become an actress but found an even better pursuit along the way.

During the pandemic lockdown, her retired marketer father would critique and analyze commercials as they binge-watched TV. She found that ad breaks became much less dreaded as she looked forward to his critiques. Her intrigue won out, so she got an MBA specializing in marketing. Although becoming an actress didn't work out, Hayley always steals the show with her incredible work and positive attitude. 

Lorie Trott

Accounting Associate

If you want to find Lorie on any given Saturday, it’s best you look outside. Whether it’s gardening or hanging out at the beach, Lorie is the biggest fan of all things outdoors. An animal lover, one of her favorite memories is petting and feeding a giraffe. Lorie is a mom and grandma, and she’s recently been getting into farming life (fresh eggs, anyone?).

Abigail Brosnan

Senior Account Executive

Ashley Schafer


Ashley has always been a natural-born storyteller. But growing up, reading and writing never came easy. While she struggled through grade school, she was busy crafting the most epic make-believe performances on the playground. 

Her brain works a bit differently than most, and she’s finally proud to say she loves it. Her unique perspective leads her to craft unexpected ideas. Becoming a copywriter has been the most rewarding accomplishment of her life, and her childhood self would throw a fit knowing she now voluntarily puts herself through more reading and writing than ever before. Ashley is constantly reminded that she turned her greatest struggle into her biggest strength.