Fred Hutch Cancer Center

Brand Campaign

Fred Hutch Cancer Center was entering a new era, full of possibility and with a bold vision. The center that was formerly research-based had merged with a leading cancer care facility. With the best of research and clinical care working in close collaboration, a new age of discovery and treatment was at hand.

Our job was to get the word out, in a simple, compelling and memorable way that stood apart in the world of healthcare. We did it by bringing the new logo to life, using its interesting visual elements throughout the campaign; and by depicting the collaboration of research and care with the real heroes of Fred Hutch, in visual ways that are striking, charming and unlike any other healthcare advertising. We also crafted a new themeline: Look Beyond, inviting everyone to share Fred Hutch’s audacious dream of looking forward to a world without cancer.


“Faces 1”


“Faces 2”

Bus Wrap

Display ads

Landing Page

  • 370% increase

    in aided awareness over real-time norms

  • 200 million impressions

    in the first 3 months

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