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THE TRUTH IS, consumers shouldn’t have to stomach a less-than-ideal web experience.

Culturelle is the only probiotic supplement with a naturally sourced and scientifically proven strain that gives it an advantage in the health and wellness marketplace.  To make this point-of-difference easy to digest, Cronin created a responsive website that educates the consumer on the benefits of Culturelle’s probiotics, and ultimately drives trial and purchase.

The site includes many consumer-centric features, as well as form integration with Eloqua to support an ongoing email marketing program.  Cronin continually optimizes the website to support new product launches, and we report on KPIs along the way to best position the platform to achieve Culturelle’s goals.

TRUTH WINS:The new site improved overall metrics with engaged visitors: average visit duration increased 36% while pages per visit increased 23%.


Responsive Website
“Triple Threat” Video