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THE TRUTH IS, women with UTIs did not need a painful online experience, too.

AZO is one of the most trusted brands for women’s urinary, vaginal and bladder health. Until recently, it was showcasing products and speaking to consumers from two distinctive websites. With a range of products to help detect, prevent and treat a variety of health issues, it was important to provide women with a single website to access symptom and treatment information, read reviews from other women and locate the products to purchase online or at a local retailer.  So we created a fully responsive site that can be viewed on a computer, tablet or phone so women can easily access information they need whether they’re at home, the office or the drugstore.

TRUTH WINS:The launch of the new AZO website improved overall engagement metrics and greatly improved metrics tied to high value tasks and primary KPIs. The bounce rate of the new website has decreased by 10% while pages per visit has increased by 29% and average visit duration has increased by 32%.



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