THE TRUTH IS, it’s tough at the top.

McDonald’s is one of the biggest brands in the world, and as a result, continually put on the defensive about food quality, labor issues and the like.  So, for the last 20 years, we’ve created a full menu of memorable and relevant PR and social programs on behalf of 220 restaurants in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and the greater Albany, NY Capital District that consistently build upon McDonald’s positive brand truths – quality food, force for good in the world, ease and convenience and feel-good experiences.  Our work includes strategic planning and consultation, event marketing, social media, publicity, blogger and community relations, promotions, sponsorship management, 24/7 crisis communication support and more.

TRUTH WINS:In 2015 alone, we generated 180 million impressions through TV, radio, online and print publicity and an additional 1.6 million impressions through social media.  We also reached 1.8 million consumers through event marketing and generated double digit sales increases and triple digit unit movement lift through in-restaurant promotions.

“National Egg Day” Social Media Campaign
McDonalds Event
“Happiness Tour” Event and Social Media
McDonalds Event
“First Taste” Event and Social Media
McDonald's Event Photos
“McNuptials” Event and Social Media
McNuptials Photo